Transport and forwarding

Within the conducted activities, we provide transport and freight forwarding services across the whole Europe.

We always deliver our transport services paying attention to the smallest details in order to ensure timeliness of deliveries and security of the entrusted goods.

A group of fully qualified forwarding agents deals with managing the fleet, coordinating transport and carrying out orders. They have the appropriate professional experience and work both in our headquarters and in our branch in Warsaw.

For each separate order, we select vehicles which suit the best our client’s needs. We take into consideration cost reduction and transport optimisation as we want the provided services to be of the highest standards and our clients to be fully satisfied.

Intertrans quality policy means delivering services of the highest standards which can fully satisfy our customers’ needs. We accomplish our goals by developing our skills, gaining more experience, implementing new technologies, and buying more and more reliable vehicles. Our fleet consists of vehicles manufactured by world-known companies: Mercedes, Man.

Many years of experience on the market and the most advanced IT systems allow us to handle the full range of major customers whose brands are recognizable all over the world.

We have carriers and freight forwarders’ liability insurances to the amount of € 1 m. Thanks to that, our clients’ goods are additionally secured in case of any transport claim and effective claims adjustment is guaranteed.

By implementing and maintaining our quality system in compliance with the ISO 90001:2015 standard, we confirm the reliability of actions taken by us and, consequently, achieve our intended goals.